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NAMA TEASE is based in Osaka, the food capital and heart and soul of Japan. Osaka is also known for it's sense of humor and irreverence, a city that has traditionally defied emperors and shoguns alike. We hope to bring you a sense of this both cheeky and vital region of Japan.

All our T-shirt images are designed in Osaka and draw upon images from the Kansai region. Guest designers are also based in Osaka.

生  Let's talk about this Japanese kanji character 生 [NAMA]. What does it mean? Well, a ton of things actually. At its most basic it means "Life", but in usage it can mean "Fresh", "Raw", "Uncooked", and "Draft" when referring to beer [thus making it one of the first kanji that many foreigners in Japan learn]. It can also mean "Live" as in not recorded when referring to music. In another usage it can mean "Unpolished" or "Crude" and it can be an abbreviation for "Impudence" or "Sauciness". So many meanings and nuances, and they all seemed to call out to us!


2-11-15 Shinmachi Nishi-ku Osaka, JAPAN