Cherry Blossoms & Furisode T-Shirt - Black - NAMA - TEASE : OSAKA JAPAN

Cherry Blossoms & Furisode


A twenty year old girl in her exquisite Coming Of Age Long Sleeve Furisode Kimono admires the transient beauty of cherry blossoms.  

The classical long sleeve Furisode Kimono is traditionally only worn by unmarried women who have turned twenty. It is traditionally first worn at the Japanese Coming Of Age Day ceremony held on January 11th. Cherry blossoms are an ephemeral beauty much admired and loved by the Japanese. The blossoming time is unpredictable and short lived and this transient beauty appeals to the poetic nature of the Japanese. Naturally poets often compare the beauty of the cherry blossoms to the beauty of youth.  

Please note that this particular Furisode Kimono is decorated with a cherry blossom motif.  

All images are designed in Osaka, Japan. Photographs for the images were taken locally in the Kansai Region of Japan. All models are 20+ years of age.

T-Shirts are 100% Summer Weight Cotton & Dark Black.

All T-Shirts are Transfer Printed. Wash and iron inside out. Do not tumble dry.

Please note that some of our T-Shirt images have a distressed look to them. This is purely intentional. [The rest of your street cred is up to you.]

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